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Favorite lines

Tina: Go! ooh...i need it now...suck my hard nipples...fuck me.ohh! i want to swallow ur cum...i want every drop.i want to suck u dry...ooh! i want ur cock betwin my brests.ooh! fuck me more! fuck me baby! say my name baby! ooh!

im sucking u now,lickin ur peehole.yummy! im tinking ur sucking me yl i blow u.ooh! i like d touch of ur tongue n my clit.more baby!

hi baby! ms na kta.specially ur hard lolipop.yumy!

    . Written material here is of Adult nature,please be advised. No names are real. Or depicts real life characters,if in anyway they seem similar, they're not!!
My Horny txt mates continued
nxt morning:

asan ka baby? i want u 2 suck my pussy.i feel horny.ooh!

=i told her i jst got out of d shower. stil here.mamayang ten pa ako papasok.i just 2k abath.i want ur hard dick.

im fingering my self ryt tinking dat ur dick is inside me.fucking me deep n hard.ur so gud baby eric.

=i told her dat we were made 4each other,shes as horny as i am i said to her.
u think so? my juice is flowing ooh!suck me baby!

yeah!hug me baby yl i mastrb8 ur dick.

im mastrb8ing u n sucking ur dick at d same tym.u like dat?ooh!=i definitely like dat!!!!!!

im sucking ur dicks hed.licking ur peehole wid my tongue.sucking u gud. i want ur cum.

baby, i luv u very much! mmwah!

have a nice day baby!mmmwwaahh!i luv u!

hi baby!napagod ako sa klase kanina tpos praktis ng sayaw.kaw,how's ur day?

kaw din. i luv u! mwah!

a new morning:

Gud am baby! hope u slept well.i did wid d thot dat ur hugging me and ol.i luv u! mwah!

Baby, wat r u doin? r u stil in bed? bat d ka txtbak?

Laundry in boxers? uhm! sexy.dats a total turn on.

im in my rum baby, naked,toucjing myself.caressing my pussy.licking alternately my hard pink nipples.ooh! im starting 2 get wet.yeeahh!ooh!

=I told her wat i wanted to happen:
Il slowly go 2u nd suck ur dicks hed yl u mastrb8.suck it gud.licking ur peehole wid my wid ur nuts.u lyk dat?

Lie down baby n il gv u my best suck ur dick real gud dat ul ask 4more.ooh!

=dat was xciting!i was doing my laundry kce.
matagal pa b yung laundry mo?kung yes,cge laba ka mina.w8 kta.2log muna ako.k?i luv u! mwah!

ooh! yeah baby! eat me,more! ooh!

Dnt come yet.

tie me up baby n spray some honey syrup ol over me. lick my whle me. lyk hw ur tongue my wet pussy!ooh!

yeah baby! eat my pussy yl u grab my brest.y want u2 fuck me betwin my brest.i want ur penis der.ooh!

yeah!i luv u 2baby.i want more of ur precious cum.gve it ol to me baby

Baby,sori kung d na kta natxt,nk2log me ng maaga.nway,by d tym u r reading dis la na me load.gnmit kse ni mama na pntawg ky papa.un lang. sori.i luv u.mmwwaah!


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