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Favorite lines

Tina: Go! ooh...i need it now...suck my hard nipples...fuck me.ohh! i want to swallow ur cum...i want every drop.i want to suck u dry...ooh! i want ur cock betwin my brests.ooh! fuck me more! fuck me baby! say my name baby! ooh!

im sucking u now,lickin ur peehole.yummy! im tinking ur sucking me yl i blow u.ooh! i like d touch of ur tongue n my clit.more baby!

hi baby! ms na kta.specially ur hard lolipop.yumy!

    Written material here is of Adult nature,please be advised. No names are real. Or depicts real life characters,if in anyway they seem similar, they're not!!.
My Horny txt mates

Dianne, she's 19.5'5".mataba daw bf. from PUP cell# she lyks to mstrb8 all d tym.she lyks to eat pizza and pasta.hindi daw cya maputi,makinis or maganda. she jacked off one guy b4. she likes guys who's a gentleman,doesn't like mayabang.sabi nya, all guys jst wana hv sx. ok na sa kanya ang kissing and hugging. she'll let me touch her down there.she never bj anyone but willing to change her mind if she likes.she said she is horny,its but obvious.she said she'll jack me off or blow me if i make her her webpage.I got nice remarks from her about the webpage i've done :)she plays wid herself by massaging her pussy, but never fingered.she said she's conservative and won't go out for an orgy or threesome wid me and her friend :(
to her, virginity is a virtue.hmmmm...dats least someone is morally upright still.

Tina,23 language teacher from Ilagan,Isabela.St. Ferdinand College. No bf."promiscous"horniest gal i ever txt wid! she sleeps around alot. always requires guy to use rubber.picks up guys in club when she was in manila.she lost count or i shud say never counts how many guys.she is a total nympho!she txtsx wid me in d mrng,afternoon and at night.she sees her self as Carrie from the tv series sex and the city.she's 5'8 morena,brown eyes,long black hair.and people around her say she looks like Angela Velez!whoa!she doesn't entertain her co-workers who court her.and have strict ethics;she doesnt fuk her students :)she has a fuk buddy,a guy she met in the adjacent province at a party.she says that he is real good! she also fuks her neighbor sumtyms wen he's around.she likes older.she loves to suck :) and doesn't wana take it in the arse.
Ayaw nya ng nabibitin sa txtsx.I'm the fifth txtsxmate, the others are long gone.She calls me baby!I asked that i wana see her,she replied maybe in another lyf tym.she lives wid her parents,she's the youngest of 4,2 sisters and a bro.She has a sx toy, a 7inch vibrator! she likes to play wid herself with it wyl she fuks me on the phone :)by the way i lyk her coz she shaves!she does it coz its convenient for her, she! she mstrb8s by licking her tits and fingering herself wid 2 fingers.n tasting her juices :)then she uses her toy n imagines it as my cock fuking her.she lyks to serviced deep wyl biting her tits and kissing her with tongue. she definitely is d best any guy can dream of!!!

The fuck wit her is dat she's got a fuck buddy and only uses me to fantasize and get off before she gets really fucked!and sometimes maybe just to complete her fantasy of having a great fuck and having a caring txt pal whom she can relate :( totally selfish is she!!!

If she wants different kinds of guys,y doesn't she want me to fuck her?and she doesn't even want me to call her.wats wid this bitch!?if different variety she wants she could call me to do her and not just doing her one fuk buddy.if its just sx shes after and no attachments,y not try me out?shes just fucking playing wid me and i hayte it!!!she most probably gets fucked by her fk buddy after watching porn then after her gr8 fuk txts me and gets off by playing wid her vibr8tr yl fuking me on d fone!!!either way, shes got a winwin situation,;her fuk buddy is one lucky son of a bitch!!!a horny and slutty girl like her,any guy wud want 2try her,beliv me shes my soulmate,we r much alike pornwise and fuckwise :) i just coudnt belive she just dialled a random # to call me up :) she is a punishment from god!im in hell right now.

Like they say,nakakita ka ng katapat mo!!!ang malas ko naman,parang feeling ko, natauhan na ako! ayoko na!! i hayte dis ihayte dis!!it just drives me nuts dat she doesn't reply coz i know after watching her collection and knows dat im not der,shes probably fucking her treasured fuck buddy right now all afternoon :( I HATE IT !!!FUCK!!!well i now know dat she can lie as gud as i can.damn!


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