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Favorite lines

Tina: Go! ooh...i need it now...suck my hard nipples...fuck me.ohh! i want to swallow ur cum...i want every drop.i want to suck u dry...ooh! i want ur cock betwin my brests.ooh! fuck me more! fuck me baby! say my name baby! ooh!

im sucking u now,lickin ur peehole.yummy! im tinking ur sucking me yl i blow u.ooh! i like d touch of ur tongue n my clit.more baby!

hi baby! ms na kta.specially ur hard lolipop.yumy!

    . Written material here is of Adult nature,please be advised. No names are real. Or depicts real life characters,if in anyway they seem similar, they're not!!.
My Horny txt mates continued
true story

oh. we went out to dinner.kumain den went to his place. tapos nood kame ng porno.hinimas ko kargada nya hangan tumigas.binuksan ko pants nya at sinuso etits nya.

yl sucking hs dick, hinubaran nya ako. la ako bra n panty dat nyt. he started fingering me, i lcked his balls, playd wid it, suck his dick some more.

i was wering a tube dress, he stood up n took off his clothes,pants. he kissed me hard. he laid me on d bed and sucked my cunt. licked it.i was moaning loud.

i can feel his tongue inside my vagina.god his gud.he licked my navel, going up to my brests.i can feel hs hard pole brushing against my cunt he's teasing me.

he was teasing me,den he slowly slid his dick,head den ol of it.slowly first den faster den harder.tpos;i went on top n rode him.-i want ur dick!give it to me! fuck me baby! im fingering myself.ooh.-i wont until u tel me wat u want to do to my wet cunt.

dont come yet,i rode him,fast n hard.den i went on 4s,he fucked me doggystyle.hes grasping both my brests.dat feels gud! tel me more! ooh!

went down n sucked his pole agen.after a few strokes he came,i swalowed his cum.suckd him dry.after dat rest den 2 more rounds.dats ol.-im sucking ur poles tongue is playing wid its peehole.i want ur dick betwinmy brests,sandwichd.fuckd me dat way,ooh!yeah!

Ol of it.i tied him on d bed,sprayd hs whole body id icing,specially his hard pole n placed cherry over it.den licked him n suckd him.-yeah!more!ooh! fuck me dogstyle.fuck me hard n fast! say my name baby!
-yeah!.i feel free wen im naked.2 log na tyo watever u want later.just make sure d ako maggsing.i luv u baby!mwah!

ur lyin on d bed im sucking ur dick,goin 4 deepthroat.going down n up like it?agen,yummy.ooh!i want 69.

lick me gud baby,i want ur tongue in sucking ur balls.theyre so tasty.more.ohh!yeah!

= i missed u alot.specially ur sweet,hard n creamy lolipo.yummy!
=i cant w8 4 later baby..ooh!i can feel ur dick sliding in.
=il give u my best blowjob yl u go to pulling down ur boxers, kissing ur balls gently,now ur licking ur dicks hed like a lolipop.uhm!
=hi baby! luv u! mwah! mwah! mmwwaahh!

{i txt her no response.
probably fucking her bf 3 rounds and gets physically satisfied then washes up thoroughly,then fucks me on the phone while pleasures herself with her dildo.until she falls asleep}

im licking ur dicks hole now. tastes so gud, now ur bols r in my mouth yl i masturbate u. uhm!suck me more! ooh!

i want ur dick inside me.fuck me! more more baby!

Dnt come yet dildo is in.i want u to kiss me hard yl u fuck me. i want 2 feel ur tongue!uhm!

im licking my dildo now wid my juice.wel it tastes like champoy,u know d taste?how abt u,ever tasted ur cum?

wud u taste it 4me?it tastes gud u know.dats y i luv swallowing it wen i have d chance.

nope.thats enuf.above average ka naman e.lapit ka na sa US standard na 6inches.D naman evry nyt, pag ka SOT lang kta.tawag ko nga don e baby eric.exclusiv un.kaw lang coz u satisfy me.

=i tried to call her to listen to her voice. apologies 2,im jst playing safe.hope u understand.

2.cnbi na sau un no.ayoko na kasing masaktan.pagnagmahal kse ako lahat bnibigay ko tpos sex lang pala habol.

1.D ba sabi ko no calls para no attachments?baby wag kang ganyan, try to pul dat stunt agen n ul never hear a beep frm me agen.



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