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Favorite lines

Tina: Go! ooh...i need it now...suck my hard nipples...fuck me.ohh! i want to swallow ur cum...i want every drop.i want to suck u dry...ooh! i want ur cock betwin my brests.ooh! fuck me more! fuck me baby! say my name baby! ooh!

im sucking u now,lickin ur peehole.yummy! im tinking ur sucking me yl i blow u.ooh! i like d touch of ur tongue n my clit.more baby!

hi baby! ms na kta.specially ur hard lolipop.yumy!

    . Written material here is of Adult nature,please be advised. No names are real. Or depicts real life characters,if in anyway they seem similar, they're not!!
My Horny txt mates continued


then finally after a long silence she txtx.
Gud am baby! I misd u very much! luv u! mmmwwaahh!!!

Baby galit ka ba? sori kung ngayon lang ako nktxt sayo.ngayun langme nkabili ng load e. im very sori.

d ako pumasok.tinamad ako.and2 me sa rum ko.

=i askd her if she's stil naked?
yup! u stil in ur boxers? i wnt u to lick me.

feel me sucking ur dick yl u lick my pussy.imagine me licking ur shaft down 2 ur bals,ooh! more baby!

yeah! i lyk dat! wat do u want me to do? ooh! m starting to get wet baby.ooh! more! i misd ur hard dick very much! give it to me.fuck me!

yeah!more baby eric! ooh! uhm! fuck me good!

yeah! i lyk how ur tongue woks.uhm! more baby eric! ur so damn good! i want u to fuck me! i want ur dick in me. fuck me hard n fast baby eric!

yes! im sucking u good! ur dicks hed 1st. im playing wid ur sucking u good,den deepthroat baby.uhm!lyk dat?i want ur swalow evrydrop uhm!

yeah! uhm! yummy! more! taste it 4me baby!

yeah, i luv swalowing it.yeah, i luv dat2.d k ba papasok baby?

=i askd her if she wants to join me in the shower.
yes! il suck ur dick yl u soap me.

baby,txt me pagpapasok ka na.

=i askd her wat she'll be doing ol day?
la lng,nood tv.nood porn bhala na.

dat nyt:
=i askd her a few stuff,she jst got our of the shower.
yes, ung kulay green na amoy kendi.ano shampoo mo?lotion ko ay human na honey essence.

Morning n b4 going 2bed.wat r u wearing 2nyt?im in my rum.putting on lotion,naked.

yes baby,does ur boxers hv peehole?

uhm! u must be a sight!.lyin on ur bed in ur boxers wid ur lolipop stickin out.imagne me crawling from ur feet,licking u til m der licking ur diks hed-yummy.

im sucking ur dicks hed lyk a lolipop.playing wid my tongue.yumy!transfering it from my left cheeck to d ryt.sucking u hard uhm!

after playing wid d hed,il go 222ur spray icing over it n sprinkle it wid nuts.

im not done wid ur shaft yet.just lie der.ul have my pussy later.

not yet nible ur nuts dat?

im sucking 1 of ur nuts nw.yumy! after dat il slowly kis ur belly den ur nipples.stay der 4 a yl.den kis u tongue agents urs.

Dnt come yet baby. i want u 2 eat me dis tym.

I placed a grape in my pussy.find it using ur tongue.ooh!

slow down baby.i want details.

yes baby. more! i lyk d way ur tongue woks.more!ooh!ooh!

yes! ooh! more baby! wat do u want me 2use,my vibr8tr or baby eric my dildo? im very wet baby.

ok. il use d vibr8tr betwin my brests n d dildo in my pussy. u luk dat? fuck me hard baby! ooh!

harder baby! i want ur cum in my suck u dry.

more baby!harder!faster!ooh! ur so gud!fuck me deep baby!ooh! yes! im ol wet. i can feel my juice flowing.more!

yes,i want ur cum!

il suck u dry baby! uhm! yumy! giv it ol!

im sucking u hard baby!i want ol of ur cum! gv it ol to me.

nilabasan ka na b?

yeah!gve it ol swalow everydrop.uhm! yumy.taste some 4me.iluv seeing men taste der cum.

baby,do u hv chest hair?

=i askd d color of her nipples n mentioned my hairy legs?
pink of course.ang sarap cgurong laruin ung chest hair sleep naked 2nyt.i want 2 feel ur dick rubbing against my butt n thigh yl u sleep.

special ka sakin e.

hug me tight baby.

mwah!luv u!



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