Top 10 turn-ons:

The official results of our very unofficial survey are in. And when we asked men and women to rate their top 10 turn-ons of all time, you can bet we got interesting responses:

1. A nice, healthy body. Call us shallow, but the consensus was "someone who is conscious of their body, is physically active and dresses for their body type" is a killer turn-on.

2. Confidence. Need I say more? A person who projects true confidence is sexy. Period. False confidence appears rude and conceited.

3. A good job. Though I groaned at this one, let's face it: knowing your loved one won't mooch off your salary forever is always comforting.

4. A cool car. It seems we haven't made much progress since the 50s. Still, some people noted that a funky new car design, a low emission hybrid or a big sexy truck could all be considered "cool."

5. Fashion sense. You don't have to be a label junkie, but hot pants and cowboy boots aren't cool for a office party. Vintage clothes and black everything are the safest bets.

6. Nice hair. I'm sorry to say this rated higher than being considerate, but no one thinks a mullet is sexy anymore. Welcome to 2002.

7. Good manners. I'm sure glad to see this one on the list. Being treated respectfully and watching your date treat others that way is the fastest road to Turn Me On City. Bossy, rude people aren't fun dates and definitely don't inspire you to make out.

8. Scent. Smell can be an incredible turn-on! And though sometimes plain old chemistry is enough, you can't beat a scented bar of soap and an expensive cologne!

9. Lack of neediness. There's no surer way to lose someone than holding on too tight.

10. Creativity. And not just in the bedroom! Creativity includes coming up with ideas for a date, a meal and anything else that turns you on. Even if you've got some hot ideas, a creative approach is still very cool.


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